Arlene Skutch
Fine Artist and Painting Instructor

The Pink House Painters
Wilton Road, Westport CT. 06880

Art instruction, specializing in oil, acrylic,
watercolor and pastels in
Westport Connecticut since 1972.

Arlene Skutch is well known in the Westport Arts scene as a talented teacher, artist and mentor to the Pink House Painters.

Her style of teaching encourages and nurtures each student's unique
"voice" and "vision". No two students work look alike for this reason.

Arlene's special talent is especially evident with beginning students who
lack confidence in their ability to paint and draw. She is also an inspirational
guide for more advanced students who are seeking to refine their
style through the use of new techniques and viewpoints.

Arlene's positive energy is infectious and has sustained the Pink House
Painters  for four decades. These artists gather weekly at
the Pink House studio for mentoring from Arlene. The artists show
extensively both as group and individually. Arlene was chosen as one
of the exclusive Westport artists to be profiled in the
film "Years in the Making" about art and creativity in
the later stages of life.

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